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All-time Best Place for Travel is Croatia Attractions


The Republic of Croatia is a popular tourist destination with holidaymakers enjoying the finest hotels and beaches with a warm welcome. Recently, the country invested a lot to give the best quality service to guests with outstanding results.

Getting to Croatia has never been easier. The country is serviced by international airports around popular tourist destinations but the capital city, Zagreb is the largest of all. From Zagreb, it’s easy to reach the coast because of the newly built highways.

Don’t count on rails though since the network is pretty small. Rent a car if possible to discover most of the cities along the coast. Croatia isn’t a member of the EU yet, so don’t forget your passport and local currency called the kuna. The climate is Mediterranean with hot and long summers and relatively dry weather.

Croatia Travel Guide – what to do in Croatia?

If you want a seaside vacation with lots of fun in the sun plan your journey to Krk Island or the Istrian Peninsula. This part of Croatia was designed for a peaceful holiday. The beaches are located in small untouched bays with cliffs overlooking the sea. Hotels are easy to find around here and most of them have private beaches.

The so-called capital of the region is Pula once a great port of the Roman Empire and later the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the city has a lot to offer. The old town has a unique architecture with ancient ruins and a modern fortress on top of the citadel. See the Archeological Museum for relics and ancient statues and try the great local seafood in the nearby restaurants.

Croatia Tours

Plitvice is famous for its national park. The park is a natural reserve protecting local wildlife and the scenic area. You can roam the forest and the crystal clear leaks on small wooden bridges. Fish seem to float in the clean water. The park also has some caves to look into and rangers tell you about the flora and fauna.

Dubrovnik is probably the most beautiful town in Croatia. Situated in the Dalmatia region, the city is a world heritage. The old town is magnificent in itself with the Stradun Street crossing the center. See the Rectors palace for fine renaissance architecture.

Dubrovnik has a large system of city walls and fortresses guarding the city. You can easily visit these forts, especially the Minceta Tower. The walls run around the whole city with a large section overlooking the sea.

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Take a tour to the nearby Revelin Fortress and the St. Lawrence Fortress. See the fountain of Saint Onuphrius to discover the legends of the saint. Franciscan monastery’s library holds a valuable collection of books and manuscripts. The city’s most important church is the St Blaise’s church and the cathedral with the relics of Saint Blaise.

The old town in itself is a relaxing adventure. Lean back and watch the sea with a bottle of local wine. Dubrovnik is famous for its seafood and its modern and inventive tastes. If you spend your holiday here, you’ll definitely make a good choice.

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