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Benefits of Dryness Food and Thus Begins the Long Walk for Feel Thirsty


Of course, there are Benefits from going alcohol-free, or simply cutting back.

Check out this thing on Huff Post – where they affirm the multitudes choosing January as the month to Go Dry, Go Easy, or dry out after an alcohol-soaked X-mas season.

Some of you may be choosing to do this because you are following along on Ready to be Thirsty – our annual challenge to go booze-free for a month.

Or you might do it on your own, or as inspired by one of the Dry January campaigns out there.  Whether you are trying to get healthy or trying to raise money for a good cause, there a big bunch of awesome benefits for making the attempt:

  • Recoup your liver– it takes time for tissues to heal, enzymes to rebuild
  • Better hydration– give your cells a non-alcoholic beverage!
  • Mental clarity– gee whiz, I can think my way through the fog…
  • Reduced calories– you’ll get slimmer if you cut alcohol intake and replace with veggies instead of sugar
  • Extra cashless money on booze means more cash in your pocket
  • Better sleep– your rhythms improve without alcohol to mess them up
  • No hangovers!

Thus begins our long walk through the driest of January’s with Ready to be Thirsty.  I imagine some of us are feeling pretty dusty and dried out already, only five days in and four of them weekdays; 0

Now, I know we probably had a drink or two on New Year’s Eve maybe even bubbly wine in a tall glass.  And we celebrated life, laughed and smiled, and lived as large as we could.  If only for a few fleeting moments, we were as alive as possible…

That’s what Dec 31st is – recognition of existence!  Look at us, we are still here….we survived, we can see a bit of the future, and we roughly anticipate being alive for another cycle ’round the sun.

Whoop, let err’ rip

But this year, some of us realized that we were going to go real easy, or even give up alcohol entirely for the month of January as a psycho-social experiment or experience.  And maybe that’s different for us, as this New Year begins to unfold.

All of the might be different because we made a Dry Month or Dry January one of our resolutions.  We said to ourselves that we were going to examine and maybe change our relationship with alcohol, if only by virtue of taking an extended sober, clarifying look.

This is interesting because it taps into our great human need for resolve – our need and want for control or at least the illusion of it, to foster and nurture our sense of well-being.  Yes, we can make decisions that matter.

And whether we ‘succeed’ or not, whether we can influence ourselves strongly enough to meet our goals….we will have learned something just in the attempt.  A metaphor for our entire lives, no?

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