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Do You Wish to Buy Organic Green Tea Drinks


Do you regularly buy organic green tea and feel that you are getting ripped off every time you buy it?

Green tea drinkers of non-traditional markets are generally more health-conscious in comparison to average tea drinkers in other parts of the world; therefore they demand the highest standards of quality when they buy organic green tea.

Further, there are several reasons why people are slowly moving towards an organic lifestyle. However, considering the wide variety of choices and brands available, it can get quite confusing to make the correct choice. In this article, we will give you an idea about the organic tea certification in different countries.

The largest part of the tea that is grown in the world is basically produced in just five countries — Kenya, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, and India. For many of us, unless you live in the eastern part of the world, these countries are far away and none of us have direct access to the people who produce these teas.

Therefore, we have no direct means to ascertain whether the organic green tea we are buying is truly organic or not. The largest population of the world that wants to buy organic green tea is mainly from the Western and modern industrialized nations, and Japan from the East, where the consumers are highly demanding and savvy by nature.

As the demand to buy organic green tea outdoes the supply by a great margin, any unscrupulous entrepreneur can take advantage of the situation and drive its prices to any level she or he wants to.

Fortunately, there are some producers in these countries who appreciate and understand the importance of research and development in the field of organic agriculture for reasons ranging from health, business, and ecology.

However, unlike in the West, the certification agencies in these countries can either be government-sponsored, non-profit, or from the corporate sector. In recognition of the demand from consumers all over the world, many international organizations have been formed of late that are setting common standards of the products in different parts of the world.

Most of these organizations normally confirm the standards of the International Federation of organic agriculture movement (IFOAM). Therefore, if you’re sitting in a part of the world that is far-flung from one of these tea producing nations, and wish to buy organic green tea that is of a high standard, you must ensure that it adheres to the IFOAM standards.

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