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Dos and Don’ts of Thrifting for Fashion


For the respect of your time I’ll get right to the Dos (because positive reinforcement is apparently a good thing) and then I’ll hound you with the don’t and some horror stories to go along with them Happy Thirsting in fashion.

Do your research and map out the Thrift shops you want to go to that day

There’s nothing worse than getting distracted and ending up spending full price on the thing you were searching for originally.

Do up a list of all the items you are searching for

Not that you have to stick solely to this list, but it’s good to have a quick checklist of all the things you either need or just want really bad. Example: Light up plastic star necklace, epic fur coat, army jacket with no less than colonel rank patches, and a pair of black pants for work (you can work on the order of necessity later on).

Do allow your friends to come along and give you advice

Friends are great and will lead you in the right direction most of the time. It’s best if they are also shopping then you can jump in the fitting rooms at the same time and laugh at each other’s disastrous looks or give mindful advice about whether an alteration is worth it or not.

Now for the Don’ts

Don’t allow anyone other than a friend to hold onto your stuff
Yesterday I was at a thrift store and let some random take hold of a Dior suit jacket I found out of a heap of stuff… I never saw it again!

Don’t announce your finding until you leave the store

Or if you can’t contain it then quietly whisper-scream your excitement to your friend while giving onlookers the stink eye. The instant there’s a designer “hot spot” in a thrift store there’ll be hoarding thrift vultures on you and your area faster than you can say half-price rack.

Don’t stay too close to your planned budget

My friend decided not to get this incredible stingray clutch for a pittance just because it was like $20 over her budget… Stupid Botch… now it’s mine!

I hope these fun satirically serious points will guide you to success the next time you’re thirsting the sale seas of the discount pie.

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