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Get the Best Spring Tune-up for Your Car With Ken’s Auto Service


As many summit County, Ohio car owners know, Ohio winters can prove to be quite hard on a car. With as much ice, snow, and freezing rain that we’ve had this year, it’s understandable that your car may be in need of some fixing up.

Be it from hitting those annoying potholes near your Barberton, Ohio home, or from frequent commuting to work in Uniontown, Ohio, and back now is the perfect time to get a spring tune-up for your car.

One reliable repair shop that is known for its range of quality services and affordable repairs Ken’s Auto Service in Akron, Ohio. Their ASE certified technicians will make sure that your car tuned up in a way that will keep it running efficiently all year long.

What are all of the things that need to be checked when taking your vehicle in for a tune-up? Well, you needn’t worry about taking a checklist in with you – their ASE certified technicians are as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to getting your vehicle in good working order. A good place to start is the tires – between the potholes, the ice, the snowbanks, and the freezing temperatures, your tires need to be inspected to be sure that their condition is still good.

The tire pressure is also something that is very important to have checked since the fluctuating temperatures can cause tire pressure levels to lower. Another thing that the professionals at Ken’s Auto Service will look at is whether or not your tires are in need of realignment. They may even recommend that your tires be rotated.

A proper spring tune-up for your car wouldn’t be complete without a full inspection under the hood. The professionals at this Akron auto service garage will look at everything – they’ll check your battery to make sure it’s still good, they’ll check your fluids and filters to be sure that your car is running at maximum efficiency, and of course, they’ll definitely look into all of the hoses and belts in your car, since fluctuating temperatures can affect these too.

Looking ahead to warmer temperatures (which might be hard now), you may want to think about having Ken’s Auto Service evaluate your air-conditioning system to see if it needs to be repaired or recharged since we all know how hot Ohio can get in the summer.

As any responsible Barberton or Uniontowncar owner would ask, is a spring tune-up going to cost an arm and a leg? Fortunately for vehicle owners in Summit County and beyond, Ken’s Auto Service is known for its affordable repairs. They recognize that vehicle maintenance and upkeep is very important, and continually strive to give customers the best prices around.

And don’t think for one second that the services you’ll be getting from them will be anything less than stellar – this reliable repair shop has over 30 years of experience and satisfied customers to attest to their quality and professionalism. You’re in good hands when you take your car to Ken’s.

Reliable repair shop for a spring tune-up for your car that’s near Barberton, Ohioan Uniontown, then you need to visit Ken’s Auto Service. Not only are they one of the best auto garages in Summit County, but they are also known for their affordable prices.

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