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Know When to Get New Automotive Tires From the Fix-it Shop in Wilmot


Once again, winter is testing our driving skills. Its inches of snow and sheets of ice are also taking a toll on our vehicles. And it’s fair to say that our tires are taking the brunt of winter’s wrath. Whether bringing kids to school in Dundee, Ohio or making daily commutes from Brewster, Ohio to Strasburg, Ohio, where the rubber meets a road is a place of constant contact.

That makes tires hot items at auto repair places like the Fix-It Shop in Wilmot, Ohio. And knowing when to get new tires is extremely important. So, review the following points that could lead to your local tire shop.

Tire experts often tell motorists to give a tire a penny for Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts. If that sounds a bit silly, don’t laugh too loudly just yet. There is a sensible meaning to this tip that anyone can use to know when to get new tires.

And that is, hold a penny upside down and stick it between two rows of tread on your tires. If President Lincoln’s head disappears, then you have enough tread to last you for a while. If Lincoln’s head is visible, then you’re low on tread.

As tread is the source of traction when you drive, your vehicle won’t grip the road very well without it. Low to no tread also increases a tire’s chances for punctures and blowouts. Think about that hole in the road you travel each day in Dundee or those poorly patched potholes you occasionally see in Strasburg or Brewster.

With sufficient tread you can likely keep passing them by. But should you see Lincoln’s head before you leave home, you could end up stuck because of a bump.

Other ways to know when to get new tires from your local tire shop in Wilmot include smooth surfaces and multiple repairs. That means if you pass your hand along the tops of your tires and they feel smooth, they’re worn. You should always feel the lines and ridges there.

And if you know your tires have multiple patches and plugs here and there, head to the Fix-It Shop for replacements. Granted repairs can work to extend the life of a tire. Repeated repairs lessen a tire’s integrity and safety.

No matter what you drive, know that you can get new tires in the size you need and bearing a name you trust at the Fix-It Shop. Goodyear, Faulkun, Kumho, and Bridgestone included. With a selection comparable to most chain auto repair places, this locally owned and operated business provides the added benefit of personal service from familiar faces. It’s also known for great prices made better by sales and specials.

Now that you know where and when to get new tires, know that you can get more from the Fix-It Shop. This local tire shop also provides vehicle maintenance and repair services you might expect from comprehensive auto repair places.

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