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Locals and visitors in Kauai for travelers who want to enjoy watching fine, live music performances are fortunate they can do so now. The Kauai Concert Association or KCA is committed to bringing world-class music to the island. For quite some time now, the organization has been doing what it intends to do.

KCA started It began with about two to three concerts held annually. Now, it presents up to eight concert seasons featuring a wider variety of different types of music. The concerts showcase classical, jazz, dance, and world music. The aim is still obviously to promote enjoyment as well as the edification of music lovers and concert-goers, particularly in Kauai.

Through the years, KCA has brought to the island many noteworthy performers. The list includes the San Francisco Opera, Hiroshima, Oakland Ballet, Black Grace, Ernie Watts, and Chanticleer. Regular concert-goers are looking forward to many other artists and performers that could possibly be brought here.

Since its establishment, KCA has been manned by volunteer staff. The volunteers select performers, arrange transportation and accommodation, host dinners, advertise, and sell tickets. Indeed, they are integrally involved in almost all aspects of the organization. Through the years, the organization has kept the focus of its staff towards excellence and consistency.

The Kauai Concert Venue

The organization is usually holding it’s sponsored and produced performances at the Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center Theater. The venue is no less the most modern and currently the most acoustically ideal hall on the island. To many goers, KCA performances are now somehow identified with this venue.

In the past, KCA also mounted concerts at various venues. Some performances were held at the Kauai Convention Center and the Coco Palms Hotel. It even tried staging at several other smaller venues in the area. However, KCA apparently recognized the fact that audiences during the past several decades have been growing tremendously. For instance, in the concert season, up to 3,000 audiences attended its concerts.

Other Programs

It is not surprising that KCA is branching out. In the last several years, the organization has included the Scholarship and Educational Service as another component to its mission. Thus, the current mission statement of the group has been modified. Now it goes like this: KCA commits to hold quality classical and contemporary performing fine arts as well as to facilitate musical education opportunities.

Every year, the organization is granting scholarship awards to worthy talented musical arts students. Recipients usually include students of violin, sax, piano, drums, trumpet, ballet, tap, and modern dance. They are encouraged to take participate in KCA events. They are also provided with invitations to receptions and concerts to see for their selves how outstanding artists and production teams do their jobs.

Moreover, the Educational Service component of KCA is providing opportunities for students and even adults on the island to enjoy personal interaction with world-class artists in different genres. The organization commonly facilitates maiden opportunities to witness the professionalism of musicians and performers from all across the globe.

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