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The Best Phrases That Upset Every Latest Fashion Addict


By copying the format of this thinking written by a famous and good Beauty-thinking in which she reveals the phrases to never say to a latest beauty-addicted in fashion, I would like to say which are, instead, the phrases that upset every fashion-addicted.

If your feet hurt, why don’t you put on a lower heel?

A lower heel would not have the same effect. High heels are not comfortable but they are essential. You have to suffer, the period in silence I recommend, a real woman never shows pain or discomfort for what she wears.

I don’t buy it, I don’t need it

Being necessary is a very subjective and quite fleeting concept. But at least try to say “it’s not what I was looking for”, avoiding the brutality of your “no need”. The fashion victim always finds a reason to buy a garment, with which she has fallen in love since she must own it and cannot separate from it, or she finds an excellent reason not to buy it but found, and she gives herself a prize for the laudable renunciation.

But where are you going with that dress, aren’t you in Hollywood

What if you happen to find a lost and injured hawk belonging to a Sheikh, and would he invite you to a horse race or dinner to thank you? Appropriate dress is required. Never be unprepared. I put on the same clothes as yesterday, so who cares. The REAL fashion addicted did not wear the clothes of the day before even under the school apron.

I dress only basic in the latest fashion

Not to be confused with the minimal latest fashion style, “basic” stands for basic, therefore it means garments with simple models and without prints combined together, for example, a white ribbed tank top and under straight jeans.

Each person should have basic pieces in the wardrobe, but almost all, even involuntarily, add to these an accessory that no longer makes the outfit totally basic. Getting dressed 100% basic is like leaving home only with underwear and a bra.

I didn’t put on my bra, I didn’t feel like it / so you don’t understand

Okay, or he doesn’t deliberately wear a Jennifer Aniston 90s style, or because the dress doesn’t require it (and it certainly shouldn’t be replaced with a bra with transparent silicone straps – who knows why they are still on the market), or for a feminist demonstration. Except for the cases listed above, it must be worn.

I carry the same bag day and night it feels so good with everything

Balsamic vinegar sauce is also good on everything, but this does not mean that all the dishes in the world contain it. I’ll say it until I finish the voice: there is a distinction between day and evening outfits and between style for weekdays and holidays. If you want to bring the maxi bag at 10 in the evening, go to live in Sweden in May (where it is the night at 11).

Normal clothes, let’s go to a very quiet place

Um normal for a fashion addicted, this word has the same effect as when mold is found in the melon abandoned in the fridge.

What does it mean?

What should we wear while pretending to have put on garments with the light off?

“Normal” is a confusing term, which causes anxiety and hours of waiting for those you invited by saying this sentence. There is a way of dressing for any context. Then define the temperature (also the degree of humidity if possible), the target of the room, and the intensity of the lights.

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