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The Best Real Food for Real Leaders is Good Choice


Purposeful is a word that describes Food Stock Provisions, right down to the bone. It’s a description that makes the whole-animal butcher shop so distinctive. Not just within the small city of Charlottesville, where they first started or within the bigger city of Richmond, where they have a second location. The Food Stock quietly stands out in the entire state of Virginia the entire Mid-Atlantic.

The East Coast and nationwide Food

They are in the vanguard of a food movement that is slowly but surely gaining momentum. It’s a movement that’s encouragingly visible, with associative terms like Non-GMO, organic, and grass-fed penetrating our everyday lexicon.

But it’s also a movement continuing to face stubborn headwinds – mostly from government and corporate forces that stand to lose against progress, and a consumer populace perpetually confused and uncertain about the myriad messages buffeting it every day.

Progress will require those who are unwilling to compromise their values. We don’t realize how many organizations with uncompromising values are championing the cause for better food. The Organic Consumer Association is one of the more influential but there are many more…literally, hundreds of organizations in the U.S. alone crusading on behalf of the food movement.

This includes numerous non-profits advocating for sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Others are fostering and facilitating urban farming, or fighting for greater access to real food among the disadvantaged. Then there’s the growing number of thinking, spokespeople, and medical professionals raising awareness about the vital link between healthier food systems and healthier human beings.

All these efforts are steering us in the right direction. But there’s a flaw: Most Americans have never heard of them. In a world that’s obsessed with Facebook and Instagram likes, even the most popular food movement advocates are barely scratching the surface of consumer awareness. It’s tough out there.

Those rapturous essays about GMO labeling just can’t compete with Taylor Swift’s love life. Real change will not endure if more food businesses – those directly interfacing with consumers – don’t assume the mantle. The consumer must have more options for bona fide, real food – served or sold without ambiguity, without whitewashing. And they must know where to find these options.

West Main Street in Charlottesville is a good place to start. You don’t even have to live in the area. Just pay a visit. Lots of people do for all the right reasons: historical attractions, outdoor life, the University of Virginia. The Food Stock Provisions is less than a mile from Thomas Jefferson’s famed Rotunda at UVa.

James Lum and Matt Greene opened the business in the fall. Both are from Winchester, Virginia, and worked together at The Meat Hook, a whole-animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Choosing the best Food as a thing of their partnership offered them ready access to the type of farms that fit their mission. Today those farm partners include a cross-section of the most fervent efforts being made to foster a healthier food system across the land.

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