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The Best Travel Myths and Legendary Places in Greece


Greece has been the cradle of European culture since ancient times and still attracts visitors from all around the world travel to see its wonders. The country can be separated into two parts: mainland and islands. The mainland is easily accessible from Athens but the islands have a lot of airports too.

Sometimes you need to take a ferry but it’s not very expensive. Greece uses the euro as a currency. You can easily rent a car in Greece at stations or airports. The weather is nice and dry during the summer with showers rarely interrupting the sunshine. Greece is also a great place for sailing and cruises because the islands always offer something new to discover.

Things to do in Greece

If you go to this wonderful country you’re most likely to land in Athens. The capital city of Greece is famous for its rich museums and cultural life. The most well-known sight is the Acropolis. The ancient city of the citadel has been the center of Athens for hundreds of years.

Take a short walk up the hill to see the temples and theatres and the Acropolis Museum nearby. Visiting the Hellenic Parliament is short but worthy of your time. Wait for the change of guards every hour! Athens has great restaurants and taverns to taste great food and local wine.

The coast around Mount Olympus is a famous tourist destination. Paralia and Leptokaria are very popular because of their great beaches. Swimming and sunbathing is the best thing to do around here. Guided tours take you to the Meteora Monasteries and to Mount Olympus legendary home of the gods. Visit ancient ruins at Delphi or take the ferry to nearby islands.

Crete is the largest and most beautiful of all the Greek islands. The capital is Herakleion with an international airport. The city is home to the Archaeological Museum, which has a wonderful collection of ancient relics. Take a tour to Knossos the ancient capital of the island with its huge palaces.

Wandering around the ruins is truly a mystical journey. Crete also has long and sandy beaches sometimes interrupted with smaller rocky shores. Discover the inner island and its villages to get in the impression of the people and their heritage. Popular cities include Chania and Rethymno.

Santorini is an example of the Greek islands. This small piece of land is located 120 kilometers north of Crete. There was once a huge volcano on the island that erupted around 1500 BC and created the current shape. Santorini is often mentioned as a possible Atlantis.

The largest city is Fira, a long settlement on the rocks overlooking the crater. Donkeys and cable cars take you from the port to the city. Visit the ruins of Akrotiri to discover the island’s rich culture.

The beaches have brown and black sand because of volcanic activity. Santorini’s volcano is still active so you can take a trip to the small volcanic island in front of Fira. If you had enough of walking for one day, lean back and enjoy the sunset from one of the finest restaurants on the island.

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