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Top Things to Do in Stanley Park While Traveler


Stanley Park by Adventure travel tours

Stanley Park located ideally on a peninsula at the northwest edge of Vancouver’s downtown. It is one of the city’s primary tourist attractions, bringing in roughly 8 million visitors annually.

It features several idyllic beaches, well-maintained dirt and paved trails by the miles, the largest aquarium in Canada, and plenty of spots for kids to play (such as a miniature railway, a water park, and a pool, among others). This haven covers spans a thousand acres and is regarded as one of the biggest urban park attractions in the world.

Here are three cool facts about Stanley Park:

  • The Vancouver Aquarium, located inside Stanley Park, has more than 70,000 interesting aquatic creatures.
  • The Stanley Park Pavilion is the longest standing and most renowned heritage building present in the park.
  • Perhaps the most famous feature of Stanley Park, the formidable Sea wall makes an 8.8-kilometer paved circuit around the park.

Here are some of the fun activities you can enjoy while you visit Stanley Park, Vancouver:

Chic shopping: Take a look down the city’s Robson Street, and you’ll appreciate why the city is known as one of the most stylish in Canada. Go on a shopping spree with your friends and family, and enjoy the colors of all the boutiques the street has to offer. West 4th Avenue is also worthy of a visit.

Bold art: Whether you want to admire gallery art or street art, you have plenty to look forward to in Vancouver. Explore Gallery Row in South Granville, an area known for its art studios and open galleries – there are seventeen art galleries and antique dealers in total. If public art is more of your thing, drop by Stanley Park and look out for exquisite totem poles.

Epic adventure: Even though the city is a well-known fashion hub, there’s plenty of rough adventure to enjoy as well. There are several outdoor activities for those who prefer hiking boots to two-tone shoes. Take a detour to Lions Bunker Hike, a 16 km trail that climbs to 1280m. It isn’t a walk in the park, but what good adventure is right?

Crowded markets: You’ll appreciate life more with a box of sweets in one hand and a bag of hazelnuts in the other. Granville Island Market is one of the most famous markets on the West Coast. It has more than 50 permanent booths and one hundred day vendors, selling a huge variety of nuts, fruits, sweets, and meats.

Award-winning food: If you’re looking for a true fine dining experience, visit establishments such as Coast Restaurant and Blue Water Café – the latter is a high-end seafood restaurant, and offers raw food and unique fish for the more adventurous sort, alongside expertly cooked shellfish.

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