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You Can Home Buyer Horror Stories in Real Estate


Work in the home buying industry long enough, and you will come across some truly interesting homebuyer horror stories.  From years spent in the field, below are a couple of homebuyer horror stories that make me grateful regarding the quality of my new house.  If nothing else, these stories may help teach us a lesson or two the next time we are on the market for a new home.

No Windows, No Roof, No Service

Everything comes down to the contract you sign with the previous owners.  When you are purchasing a new home, this often goes through a third party, and for good reason.  A couple of years ago, a man decided to buy a home directly from the person instead of using a third party.

A contract was drawn up saying that he would receive the house upon payment.  After payment was given, the man went to his new home, only to find the roof and windows missing.  Because both windows and the roof were not specified in the contract that they both signed, the original owner decided to take them with him.

Good Bye Copper

Across the United States, the price of copper is shooting up.  This has led to many abandoned homes having all their copper tubing taken out and sold by thieves.  What you don’t normally see are people doing this to homes in transition.

Yet this is what happened to a young family moving into their first home.  Sometimes between when the old owners had moved out, and they had moved in, someone had removed all the copper tubing!  As a result, the entire plumbing system had to be replaced before the home could be lived in.

The Leaning House

You can build and buy the perfect house, but you are not always as lucky about the land beneath the house.  In some parts of the United States, the ground below houses can shift and change.  This is what one investor from India did not take into consideration when purchasing a summer home in the United States.

Seeing the picture from online and refusing to see the house for himself prior to moving in, he arrived on his first day only to see his home at an angle.  Just like the leaning tower of Pisa, his home was at a definite slant.  After several days of trying to live in it, he gave in and started investigating what he could do about it.

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